How to Add Signature or Ads after Post Content in WordPress


All you have to do is add the following code in your theme’s functions.php file or in asite-specific plugin.

1 //Add Signature Link
2 function custom_content_after_post($content){
3 if (is_single()) { 
4     $content .= '<p>Load Your Content Here</p><img src="'. get_template_directory() .'/images/signature.png" alt="Your Name" />';
5 }
6     return $content;
7 }
9 add_filter( "the_content""custom_content_after_post" );

All you have to do is change the code after the = sign. You can use it to place an image like we did above. You can use it to add ads. This is by far the simplest way of doing so which will work in parent themes as well as child themes of popular frameworks like GenesisThesis etc.

Note: if you are using a child theme, and your image is stored in your child theme’s images folder then replace get_template_directory with get_stylesheet_directory.

If you don’t like to code, then you can use one of the many plugins that are available such as FT Signature Manager or WordPress Signature.

Lastly, if you were wondering how to add ads within post content (such as after the first paragraph of your post), then check out our article on how to insert ads within WordPress post content.


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